Special Music Georgia United Methodist Church Vermont

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Esther Koo 9-9-2018

Esther Koo 9-2-2018

Hanbin & Esther Koo 8-26-2018

Hanbin & Esther Koo 8-19-2018

Hanbin & Esther Koo 8-12-2018

 Praise Team 12-24-2014

Gary Bates (Uploaded to YouTube 11-4-2014)

Pastor Kyu and Eun-Soon Piano

Bell Choir 12-23-2014

Praise Team With Danielle 12-20-2014

Mary and daughter Danielle

Children Singing

Gary’s Song 10-12-2014

Bell Choir – St. Albans Bay

Children’s Bell Choir – St. Albans Bay